Social Steak Night with Adwaiz

If you’ve read my previous post on Son of Steak, Nottingham, you’ll know how much of a big fan I was.

So when the saints at Adwaiz invited me over to try SOS’s new menu and to get busy chatting to other local bloggers, I was well up for it!

Within seconds of entering the door, I was greeted with super smiley staff and seated at the benches where we would be dining.

There were a selection of drinks to choose from including beers, IPAs and a selection of soft drinks but I just had to go for one of their specialities, a Passionfruit Mojito.

If you didn’t already know, Son of Steak have Mojitos on tap and can be poured in seconds with an added flavouring or on it’s own. You can also choose from Mango or Strawberry which seemed pretty popular amongst others.

After having a catch up and scouring the mouthwatering menu, we were told of what the night held and how much food we’d get to try and boy, I was not disappointed and I can EAT.

First up was bowls of ‘Dirty Fries’ which were crunchy fries slathered in a vegan chilli which was packed full of beans and pretty damn tasty. There were also battered chicken wings which were tender and something I’d never usually try because I don’t do boned chicken but they were gooood.

After the ‘starter’ of sorts had been completed, it was time for my favourite part, Flat Iron time!

SOS prizes themselves on their phenomenal 8oz Flat Iron Steaks cooked to Medium Well perfection. Cooked for hours in their signature Josper oven, they’re a crowd favourite and definitely mine – my favourite part being the pinch of salt they season it with.

Here it is, in all it’s glory. I’ve always been a well done steak kinda girl (I know, I’m a bad person) but I was converted a few months back when I tried SOS for the first time. It’s so juicy and just melts in your mouth.

I took a Flat Iron home and re-heated it in the microwave the next day and it was still as silky smooth as the night before!

Just when you think you’d consumed enough meat, we got to pick a main from the menu to try along with a solid selection of sides.

After hearing wondrous things about the Picanha, I decided to dive in head first.

The sides started to make their entrance to the table with the more healthy options gracing us first and then the more decadent and my holy grail – the Mac & Cheese.

In addition the classics: Fries, House Slaw, Caeser Salad and Mac & Cheese, there were a few new additions of Bumbu Bali Broccoli, Crushed Sweet Potato with Maple Syrup & Pecans and Golden Rice.

No matter your diet, allergies or preferences, there are sides to suit everyone’s taste. OR, if you just want to get a steak then you can do that too, there’s no rules.

ONTO the Picanha, It came looking pretty similar to the Flat Iron, but on closer inspection is has a coarser exterior and had a noticeable difference in taste.

Like a burger, it has a more beefy, smokey flavour that was almost char-grilled. But by no means did this make it chewy, it still had bite and didn’t quite melt in the mouth but it wasn’t tough at all. This was a steak and bloody good one at that – and so cheap!!

If you know me, you know I have sweet tooth and that I have to finish every meal with something sweet.

SOS have a few dessert options with a Gooey Chocolate Brownie or a New York Cheesecake. I opted for the more calorific option topped with ice cream from the Mr Whippy machine and caramel sauce. I told you this girl could eat.

BIG props to Son of Steak for having all us hungry puppers to indulge in the meaty and non-meaty goodness and thanks to Adwaiz for getting us all together, I look forward to hanging out again soon!

This evening was provided free of charge in exchange for a blog post but this doesn’t influence my opinions. All photos and words are my own.

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