Some Pretty Rad Events I’ve Been To Recently

Hey y’all, happy Saturday! I’ve been crazy busy these past few weeks with events and work and my Birthday celebrations but everything’s just kind of settling back to normal THANK GOD!

I mean, it’s nice being crazy busy sometimes but I do like to get my chill time in too so the next few weekends, I’m just going to relax, focus on my blog and my shiny new YouTube channel! Please go and check it out if you haven’t yet? I’d love it!

ANYWAY, I thought I’d do a little round-up of some pretty wonderful events and launches I’ve been lucky enough to attend recently. I’m going to add mini photo slideshows in too so the post doesn’t get too hefty and long.

21/07/2017 – Gin & Jazz with Notts Street Food Club 

The lovely ladies from the Nottingham Intu team invited me over to try some Gin, eat some local food and to check out the lively venue.

We got the chance to try a few different Gin concoctions and I tried some Steak & Chips with a twist from Street Food Fave, Homeboys.

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27/07/2017 – New Menu Launch @ Walkabout Derby

I got invited over to my local Aussie bar, Walkabout, to try out their menu additions and I met up with some other lovely local bloggers to chat all things food and have a catch up.

I chose some pretty delicious dishes and I had a fun night nattering with the ladies. The MAHOOSIVE freak shake was definitely a tricky one to try but delicious all the same.

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28/07/2017 – July’s Bustler Street Food Market

Since this opened back in May, me and my other half have fell in love with the atmosphere, the incredible food vendors and the location of this place. It’s tucked away at the back of the bus station but it’s the perfect Friday or Saturday night treat to try out new foods and have a drink.

This was the second time we went along and we’re thrilled to hear they’re staying put until Christmas! These guys are open the last weekend every month and you really need to go try it out.

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14/08/2017 – Fruit Fusions taster with Shakin’ It 

So in Derby, we have this milkshake and smoothie bar called Shakin’ It and it’s the coolest place! They invited the lovely Monet over to advise how to make healthy shakes and she let me tag along.

We tried a whole host of their Fruit Fusion shakes which used frozen yoghurt, juices and frozen fruit and they were flipping delicious! Some were not so much that had ingredients like Spinach and Beetroot… But the majority were laverly.

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17/08/2017 – Cooking Masterclass with Thaikhun

Again, this event was organised by the ladies at Intu (they hold some pretty awesome events!) and we had the chance to be shown by the lovely M, a chef at Thaikhun, how to make some traditional Thai dishes. These included Prawn Rolls (Tofu for me as I don’t like Prawns) and a Red Curry.

The night was so much fun; I learned quite a lot and how easy it is to make my own curry instead of just buying one.

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29/08/2017 – The Body Shop New Launches Event

The Body Shop over in Nottingham (Bridlesmith Gate) asked me a few weeks ago if I could round up a group of bloggers to attend an event with them and it went ahead earlier this week.

They talked us through their latest launches and gave us demos of products, spoke to us about make up, skincare and shower products. I really enjoyed the evening and bought quite a few bits which I’ll be talking about in a post very soon.

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30/08/2017 – Doughnotts Derby Launch Night

Unless you’ve been living under a rock and you live in the Midlands, you will have heard of the phenomenon that is Doughnotts. They sell HUMONGOUS doughnuts  covered in the most insane toppings. Some include Happy Hippos, Nutella, Carrot Cake and even Snickers.

I got the chance to go down and see the place along with sampling quite a few of their doughnuts. This place is insane and if you’re in Notts or Derby anytime soon, go visit them. But be quick, they sell out quite often.

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So there we have it, all of the brilliant things I’ve been lucky enough to go to over the past 5/6 weeks. Let’s see what September and Autumn holds, shall we?

If you liked this kind of post, please let me know?


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