Our Family Holiday To Palma Nova, Majorca

This year, my mum, sister and I decided we were going to go off on a girly holiday to Majorca for a week to get some sun and just relax.

If you follow my Instagram (@jayleeallsopp) then you may have noticed my feed consisted of sun, sea and cocktails for a little while.

The place we had decided on was set in Palma Nova on the south coast of Majorca. Our hotel was called the Intertur Hotel Hawaii Mallorca & Suites and our room had this spectacular view of the cove and round the island some more.

We had decided to go Half Board and we booked extremely last minute with only 13 days between booking and jetting off. I would definitely recommend choosing a last minute deal as you get a heck load more for your money – I think we paid around £450 each and our hotel was incredible.

Our first few days consisted of lounging by the pool (pictured above) with a brilliant see view, drinking lots of cocktails on the hotel rooftop bar and wandering around the town.

As Palma Nova was very much apart of Magaluf, we did note that there were a shed load of bars and kebab places but that didn’t bother us too much. They also had there fair share of tourist shops, restaurants and supermarkets too which were more up our street.

Here’s a cute snap of me and my sister with hefty cocktails on the rooftop, enjoying the lovely sunset.

Our hotel was split into two parts, the hotel and the suites. The main hotel had the quirky waterside pool and the suites had a more conventional rectangular pool surrounded by sunbeds and parasols which was more to our taste (it was a lot less busy).

I enjoyed soaking up the sun and taking a dip in the pool whenever it got too hot, which it most definitely was at 35C for most of the holiday.

With the temperature creeping up by the minute, of course, my pastey white skin burned to a crisp, especially on my neck & shoulders. This meant me having to cover up and slather myself in aftersun every few hours to feel OK which, as you can imagine, was a pain.

Within a few days, it had settled and just in time to venture out and see more of the island!

We visited Marineland for a day which is a nature park with sea animals on show (a bit like a mini zoo).

The park had shows with dolphins, parrots, sea lions and penguins and they were so much fun to watch. But the one thing that really struck a chord was how flipping hot it was, I’m not sure these animals were all too happy and it made me feel so sad.

BUT the park feeds so much of their money back into supporting marine life and providing the best experience and care for their animals which made me feel that little bit better.

The next day we visited Palma, the capital of Majorca and I did not expect it to be so beautiful…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We spent our day in Palma seeing the sights and shopping around the city’s cobbled streets picking up quite a few bits along the way (mainly me in H&M).

I loved everything about the city; the shops, the buildings and the windey side streets. I really hope I get to visit it again someday!

The last two days were spent present shopping in Palma Nova & Magaluf and on the beach just relaxing.

The water was crystal clear and the sand was golden yellow which is ideal for me, however there were some creepy bits of seaweed floating around which made me jump when they touched my feet.

On the evening before the last we found a little pebble beach near our hotel which was ideal to take photos of!

I loved that our cove had so many boats just floating by; it made it all the more picturesque! This photo was taken just as the sun was setting, giving it that lovely glow. I think this has to be my favourite photo of the holiday.

Before we knew it, we were packing up ready to head off home on the Tuesday morning. The week absolutely flew by but it was a well deserved break which we all needed.

This was the view out of the plane window as we were flying over the west coast of Majorca, how beautiful does it look?!

I can’t wait to start planning a holiday for next year, this time with Kane and we’re thinking Italy!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! Are you jetting off anywhere this summer?

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