My First Ever Empties – Spring

Hello all, I’ve realised I’ve not done a beauty based post in quite a while now so here we are, doing my first ever empties!

I’ve been collecting up bits and bobs I’ve used up since the beginning of April and I wanted to go through what I thought of them.

There’s quite a few bits so I’ve split them up into two sections, bathroom and beauty (alliteration ay?) so it makes it that little bit easier to differentiate between products.

I’ll talk about the products from the bathroom first because you use them before beauty products, right?

Elvive Extraordinary Clay Shampoo & Conditioner – I’ve been using this combo for quite a while now and that’s because I just love them. These are designed for oily roots and dry ends and dandruff which is my hair down to a tee. It smells delicious and after washing my hair, it’s soft and sleek with no sign of oily roots – it also makes your hair feel genuinely clean after which I struggle to find with shampoo.


Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel – I got this in a set for Christmas and I’ve not long finished it! I also had a mahoosive bottle that I’m now using up. I love this body wash because it’s super sweet, bright pink and slightly glittery which makes you feel like a princess. Although this is everybody’s favourite at Christmas, I find it a tad bit strong at times so I probably use it every now and again, hence me only just polishing this bottle off.

Macadamia Oil Extract Conditioner – I got this bad boy in the Blogger’s Christmas Calendar Swap a few months ago and I’ve loved using it. It’s perfect when you’ve got left over shampoos but no conditioner (we all know this happens). It leaves your hair feeling super soft and I believe, it’s only from the pound shop which is such a bargain.

Palmolive Gourmet Vanilla Pleasure Body Butter Shower Cream – If you’ve read any of my beauty posts before, you might now that I love the Vanilla scent and this is one of the reasons why! It’s not overpoweringly sweet but it has that light, subtle sweetness to it. The clue is in the name that it has a thick, buttery consistency that leaves your body feeling soft and moisturised but not greasy.

Now it’s time to talk about beauty products.

Primark Falling Star Body Mist – I bought this body spray quite a while ago for only £3 and it’s lasted me flippin’ ages. I like to mix and match using my body sprays for different days and moods. This was the one for a shopping day or just nipping out as it was light and fresh but still sweet and noticeable. With it being a Primark one, the scent didn’t stick around for too long but I topped up with the odd spritz every few hours.

KISS Acrylic Nude French Nails* – I popped these nails on a few months ago for an interview and I remember them looking super natural but also lightweight and they stayed glued down for a good few days. Although, they were a tad bit long so I cut and filed them down a little just to make them a little shorter. I think I also painted them after a few days to add a touch of colour to my outfits.

Soft & Gentle Jasmine & Coco Milk Roll On Deodorant – Ever since I first started using roll on, this has been my go to for when my underarms get a bit sore. When I’m shaving every day or every other day, my pits get a bit sore and feel a bit tender so this definitely helps to soothe them and keep me fresh. Although I wouldn’t say this lasts ALL day if you’re super busy, it’s good if you’re just nipping out for a little while.

Natural Collection Blusher in Rosey Glow – I loved using this blusher as it adds a subtle touch of colour to your face without being too heavily pigmented and dark. I hate nothing more than swiping on a teeny bit of blusher and your cheek is luminous pink. This shade is great for me as it’s a light peachy pink that’s not too dark or brown toned. I’ve already bought another one of these but I’m not too sure I’ll need it over the summer time.

Essence Eyebrow Designer in Soft Blonde – Although the above snap is a full size version, I do have a teeny tiny little pencil in my empties that I just can’t sharpen anymore. I think this pencil was genuinely made for my brows – it’s the perfect shade and not too dark at all. I’ve gone through so many ‘blonde’ brow pencils that are just far too dark so I think the Brow Gods must have cast this down upon me for a reason. Not only are my brows an awful shape but the hairs are so God damn curly so this is part one of trying to tame and lengthen them.

Impulse Charli XCX Rock & Love Body Spray – Now this is an odd one; I’m usually the biggest fan of west spritzy body sprays but my mum recommended this one to me yonks ago but I never tried it. When I was sorting my drawers out, I came across this one again and I ended up using it pretty quickly. It’s quite sweet and I find a whiff of it on my clothes every now and again so I guess you could say it’s quite long lasting. I think the packaging has now changed so it may look a bit different but I’m sure they still do it.

So there you are, all of my Spring Empties. Did you like this kind of post? I’m going to try and do a post like this every season rather than monthly as I don’t tend to use stuff up that often.

*I received this product as a PR sample but the views are all my own.

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