Penclic D3 Corded Mouse Review*

One of my deepest, darkest secrets is that I’m a bit of a tech geek. I take pleasure in fiddling around with settings and helping my family out with their tech problems (mostly my Nan).

Recently I got offered the chance to try out a brand new Penclic D3 Corded Mouseso of course being the geek I am, I immediately agreed.

The Penclic D3 Mouse has an interesting concept – it’s like a pen, but a mouse! The clue is in the name really…

On first glances I thought ‘how on Earth do I use this?!’ but after taking it out of the packaging and having a brief read of the manual inside, I picked it up.

The Penclic has a left and right clicker with also a mini wheel on the pen part to use for scrolling.

I have some trouble using my mouse on my laptop as the surface is quite rough, it irritates my wrist after being on it for a while so this was perfect to try out.

Excuse my scabby nail polish.

As you can see, it’s easy to grip and it runs very smoothly with minimal effort which is perfect for a quick browse on the net.

The mouse is corded which connects to a PC or Laptop through a USB port with a wire that’s not too short.

One of the banes of my life is having wires that are far too short – like phone leads these days, how are you meant to scroll through Twitter in bed when the wire is like 50 cm long?!

The D3 can be used by both left and right handed users so perfect for all the family to share.

It comes in at £49.99 which is a pretty reasonable price for how smoothly this thing feels. I hate it when you’re trying to drag your mouse and it’s glitchy and refuses to move – this thing totally trumps that problem.

It’s also great for people who suffer with Carpal Tunnel according to their website.

Thanks to the guys over at Penclic for letting me try this beauty, it’s really changed the way I use my laptop and no more wrist ache YAY!

*I was sent this product in exchange for a review but the words and photos are all my own. I mean how cool is a pen mouse?!

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