Snizl Nottingham Event

Last week I was invited to the coolest event which involved visiting four of Nottingham’s popular Independent businesses and seeing just what they had to offer.

The event was ran by Snizl, a new app which offers deals, competitions and special offers straight to your feed from your local city.

The only cities to have the wonderful app on offer to them are Nottingham and Leicester at the minute but there is scope to expand massively in the coming year.

The first stop on our tour of Nottingham was The Pudding Pantry on Trinity Square.

I’ve walked past this place a few times but it’s never been the perfect time to eat but I always swore I’d come back to it.

The decor has a shabby chic vibe with the cutest touches! There’s flowers, cosy cushions and even teacups sat proudly on shelves.

On entry, we were greeted by the friendly staff and the Snizl team. We were given soft cloth goodie bags and were seated in the kisch seating area.

Once everyone had arrived , we were each given a mini Salted Caramel Brownie Freak shake and a slice of banana cake with cinnamon frosting (which I kindly refused as I have a strong hatred against bananas).

The milkshake was so thick and creamy but obviously delicious, the brownie was soft with chunky chocolate pieces, just how I like it. The salted caramel kick came from the sauce lathered on the whipped cream.

After taking a gazillion photos and gazing at the cake display, we made our way out of the venue and began our walk to the next venue on the list.

The next place was CaBella Boutique on Bridlesmith Walk.

We were treated to a glass of bubbly and were told we’d be given a make up masterclass from the lovely twosome.

The interior was a pastel pink colour with the girliest accents. Not only do they do make up masterclasses, but they do LVL lashes, bridal make up and apply make up for any occasion.

What was really refreshing was the range of high street products they use including L’oreal, Milani and even Miss Sporty!

They also talked through the range of brushes which are available to buy; they even use them to apply your make up so you can see how to use them!

I found the tips they gave us very useful including where to contour, highlight and to use dark eye shadow before light to blend easier.

After thanking the ladies and taking a selfie or two, we left the pretty parlour to head off to the next stop.

Here’s one of four of us including me (obvs), Kirsty (Behind The Scent), Emmie (Carpe Diem Emmie) and Jess (An Ounce of Grace).

Our third stop of the night was at Weaver’s Wines on Castle Gate.

Just up the street from their retail shop was a large Georgian building which is home to their tasting events.

The building and the interior was truly beautiful, it felt like a museum! I just didn’t want to touch anything.

They had three wines for us to try which were a sparkling white, a red and a regular white.

If you know me, you know I’m not a huge fan of wine but these guys might have just changed my mind…

The sparkling wine was delicious, it reminded me of Prosecco but was a tad sweeter which I prefer.

The red was surprisingly tasty, there was no scent of vinegar which I usually associate with red wine. It had a woody taste and even cherry in there which I am a big lover of.

The white was crisp and very drinkable, something that really baffled me. Like I mentioned, I’m not a wine person but these were quite delicious, especially paired with the crackers.

We then got the chance to have a tour of their multi-levelled cellars which felt almost like a ghost walk.

The old building had quirks and huge rooms to stock the hundreds of bottles of wines which had quite a chill the lower down you went.

It was eerie but very interesting to hear about the history of the building which has been in the family for FOUR generations and nearing it’s fifth.

As we were leaving, Alan, the main man, gave us all a bottle of the red to take home which was incredibly generous of him.

I will be popping this in my Nan’s birthday bag as she’s a huge fan of a good red wine.

The last stop was 400 Rabbits a Tequila and Mezcal bar just off Market Square.

The bar was small but full of character and had two floors! The decor was full on Mexican themed with skulls and eccentric patterns everywhere which I just fell in love with.

The even had a Sega Megadrive and a Foosball table upstairs which us bloggers took full advantage of!

The bar was clad with shots, sangria and even a large sharer cocktail which was beyond yummy.

The bubbly bar staff also gave us all pop up Hooch hats and a silky Jose Cuervo bandana (in love with btw)!

After an interesting talk about the history of Tequila and Mezcals, the Snizl ladies passed round shots of different Tequilas to try.

I tried all three which were strong as hell but full of flavour. Needless to say after a few shots, I was feeling the hit and was a tad bit tipsy much like some of the other bloggers.

It was quite fun to actually try the Tequilas that the bartenders were talking through and really understand the flavours they were talking about.

Being located on a string of bars on Hurts Yard is the prime location for nights out, especially with regular happy hours and offers that 400 Rabbits has.

After the talks finished, a few of us went upstairs to play on the Foosball table and had drink of the Sangria that was on offer.

Although this event was different to any I’ve ever been too, it was so much fun and I learned so many different things about independent businesses and how much thought goes into the processes they do.

Snizl is such a great idea and the best way to showcase independent business in a world which has a lot of big chains dominating the high street.

Have you been to any of these venues? If you live in Leicester or Nottingham why not download Snizl and see what deals you can grab?


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