Results With Lucy Event With UNiDAYS

Last week I was lucky enough to go to an event over at UNiDAYS HQ with Lucy Mecklenburgh, celebrity and fitness fanatic.

She’s the face of the first ever fitness subscription service, Results With Lucy and UNiDAYS is a student service which provides discount codes to the student universe.

I’m not a huge fan of fitness, simply because I’m scared of it. I’m the biggest wuss when it comes to pain and the thought of aching like crazy after a workout is not my idea of fun.

I’m more of a girl who eats a whole pizza and watches The Vampire Diaries all day.

But I must say, I feel like a changed woman after this event – I want to exercise and be my wonderfully thin former self again.

*You can get 25% off Lucy’s plans with this link here!*

Ever since I had my operation in 2015, I’ve been terrified of exercising and pulling something but just over a year on, I’m not sure I can use that excuse anymore.

The event was held in a super cool loft room at UNiDAYS HQ just a stone’s throw away from Nottingham’s city centre.

Along with six other bloggers, I was invited along for a talk on nutrition, a work out and a good chat with Lucy and her Results With Lucy team.

I was super prepared with a big bottle of water and dressed in my newly bought fitness gear.

Although I felt super self-conscious in the skin tight clothing, I embraced the challenge and rose above it.

The day began with filling in a few forms and making ourselves comfortable in the modern seating area ready for a talk all about nutrition.

*You can get 25% off Lucy’s plans with this link here!*

Louise, Lucy’s Nutritionist, was very friendly and let us ask lots of questions, all about what to eat, how many meals to eat, what foods to avoid and so much more.

She also made it abundantly clear that a healthy balanced diet should be a mix of all of the food groups not just a shed load of veggies and fruit – very reassuring for me.

Next up, it was time for the workout and I was so so nervous. I had not worked out in months and my fitness level was at all all time low but I was ready to push myself and really give it a go.

Cecilia (Lucy’s Personal Trainer) and Lucy herself showed us exactly how it was done with a mix of moves and exercises working our whole bodies.

*You can get 25% off Lucy’s plans with this link here!*

I was a sweaty mess within five minutes and I was seriously thinking “what the hell have I got myself in for?!”

It was tough, I’m not going to lie but it was so much fun! I’ve never really enjoyed exercising before but this was a whole new ball game.

There’s something about someone actually telling you what to do and how to do it rather than struggling yourself that is so efficient.

The above photo was taken just before our workout, before we all became sweaty and red.

*You can get 25% off Lucy’s plans with this link here!*

It was then time for food which we were so ready for!

There was a massive selection of sandwiches, fruit and plantain crisps which I had never tried before. Some of us bloggers had allergies or were vegan/veggie which they catered to perfectly with separate dishes.

During our pig out sesh, we got the chance to chat with Lucy, Cecilia, Louise and between ourselves all about how the afternoon went and asked any questions we had.

We also were given goodie bags by Allie (one of the bloggers) who also organised the event with UNiDAYS which were the cutest little things.

The bags had each of our initials on which I think is such a personal and great touch. I’ve never seen anything like this as part of a goodie bag before!

*You can get 25% off Lucy’s plans with this link here!*

After thanking Lucy and her team, we slowly made our way out of the building, struggling down the stairs with jelly legs.

Here’s a quick snap of us bloggers post workout. You can see me, Rachel (Healthy & Psyched), Gem (The Gem Agenda), Becca (The Becca Edit), Jess (Jess Who Blog) and Izzy (A Dose Of Chatter).

Here’s all the wonderful bits we got in the goodie bag too.

I LOVED the initialled bag and TOWEL! What a cool idea. We also got a Results With Lucy fitness journal and a £10 off voucher which I will be definitely using when I start my new job.

It was such a great event and the perfect push for me to try and kick start my fitness and start getting into shape again – SO MUCH MOTIVATION.

Results With Lucy is such a great idea and is accessible from the comfort of your own home with prices starting from £14 a month which is definitely cheaper than a gym.

There are a few different plans for different levels of fitness and an on demand service that gives you access to over 300 exercise videos!

*You can get 25% off Lucy’s plans with this link here!*

Why not give it a go? You might actually see results from working with Lucy, if not, you get your money back. It’s worth a shot, hey?

Why not sign up with UNiDAYS too? You can be getting discounts within minutes of signing up if you’re a student. Discounts from your favourite shops for free? It’s literally one of the best things about being a student, trust me, I’ve used it for three years solid.

You can check out UNiDAYS on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and their own blog.




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