*Christmas Menu Tasting @ Pitcher & Piano

There’s only 34 days until Christmas so what better way to celebrate than eating lots of Christmas goodness at one of my favourite bar and restaurants in Derby?

If you’ve read my posts before, you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of Pitcher and Piano‘s food, so when I got invited down to try their upcoming Christmas menu, I just had to say yes.


The table was set with crackers, food and drink menus, a Christmas pack and Scrooge’s story; perfect for making it feel rather festive.

After our drinks order had been taken, we were told there would be 10 courses so we better be hungry – good job I was eh? Kane took this as a challenge…


Within minutes, our drinks had arrived and they looked tasty! I had the Bakewell Martini made with Disaronno and Chambord shaken with apple and lemon juices.

Kane opted for the perfectly named Winter Wonderland made with Jim Beam Bourbon, blackcurrant liqueur, mint and cream.

We were also notified that our first course would be arriving very shortly. This gave me and Kane to have a catch up as we had long days at work and browse over what their Christmas menu has to offer, which is a large selection if you ask me.


Usually Christmas menus have limited choices with the main focuses being turkey, a veggie option and beef, but not Pitcher and Piano.

They have 6 mains choices, 5 starter choices and 5 dessert choices which gives everyone in your party a great selection to choose from.

Our first course had then arrived with was the Chorizo and Roasted Butternut Squash Salad.


I am obsessed with Chorizo at the minute so this was a welcomed course and I find butternut squash to have a very similar taste to sweet potato which I just love.

These blended well with the leafy salad and zingy dressing but I would have loved for the squash to be warm but all in all, a great starter and not too filling.

Next up was the Chicken Liver Parfait.


The Pate-like spread was accompanied by warm sourdough toast (YUMMMMM), apricot and ginger chutney (super festive) and mixed leaves.

I wasn’t hugely keen on the pate as I’m not 100% on chicken livers but the chutney and toast was very edible.

We were then given the Smoked Mackerel and Horseradish Pate which was served with Sourdough Toast.


Now I’m not a huge fish fan at all but this pate was very flavourful and had real depth to it.

I spread a little bit on the toast and could eat it in a small dose – I couldn’t eat the whole thing though.

For any fish fans though, I’m sure this would be incredibly tasty.

The next starter dish we tried was the Crispy Fried Cornish Brie which I was extremely looking forward to.


I love my cheese and when it’s warm just YUM. The sauce was a cranberry relish and was perfectly paired with the oozey Cornish Brie.

I gobbled this up within seconds (after it had cooled down) and wanted more! They remind me a little bit like mozzarella dippers but with bit of a twang. The perfect starter, in my eyes.

The last starter of the night was the warming Leek and Potato Soup with fresh bread.


The soup wash deliciously wintery and perfect for a Christmas meal starter – especially with the homemade croutons!

This soup reminds me of my grandad because he always makes his own from scratch and his favourite is Leek & Potato.

Then it was time to try some mains and, my oh my, they had a selection.

First up was my favourite of the lot, the Braised Steak dish.


The steak was served with red wine and caramelised onion gravy, creamy mashed potatoes and pancetta with brussels.

The steak was melt in the mouth which was perfect with the rich gravy drizzled over.

The mash sure was creamy and fluffy and the pancetta was perfectly crispy.

I don’t usually eat brussels at Christmas dinner but with the pancetta, they were a bit more bearable.

By this point, we were getting pretty stuffed because we wanted to try everything.

The next main was the veggie option, the Roasted Root Vegetable Tart.


Although this is the vegetarian option, I really enjoyed eating this and I sure would again and again – it was mouthwatering.

The buttered greens and mushroom sauce were surprising lovely too, even though I don’t eat mushrooms that often.

The tart was warming, soft and the pastry was perfectly crisp.

The last main course we were spoiled with was the Pan-fried Seabass.


The fish was served with peppered, crushed new potatoes, a spring of rocket and hollandaise sauce.

I can say that the potatoes and sauce were wonderful but the Seabass was not to my taste but I’m sure it would be lovely if you liked fish more than me.

After the mains, we had a bit of a break before the desserts were served so we grabbed some more drinks while we let our stomachs settle.

Kane felt daring and tried the Rekorderlig Mulled Cider served warm and I tried the Christmas mocktail, the Cranberry Spritz.


This fizzy wonder had a hint of elderflower which sits perfectly alongside the cranberry and bubbles for a refreshing zing.

After a nice chat about the selection of food we had tried and tested, the desserts were ready.

The first dessert was a toffee nut and honeycomb cheesecake which  isn’t on the Christmas menu but they wanted to show us how yummy it is!


As Kane was stuffed by this point, he left the desserts to me (I wasn’t complaining) and I contently scoffed this sweet and sticky wonder within minutes.

It was soft, creamy and the nut and honeycomb complimented the light cream cheese perfectly.

The last course (phew) that was put in front of us was the Apple and Winter Berry Crumble.


A wintery twist to their previous menu’s dessert, this comforting favourite is truly something.

With sweet, sweet crumble topping, the filling is tart, steaming hot and chunky which makes the crumble pretty perfect.

Accompanied by the silky custard, this one is hard to beat; especially after a lovely roast dinner.

I eventually quit after about a third of the crumble and I was defeated.

Not too much though to have a classic after dinner drink.


If you like Espresso Martinis then this is for you; a Flat White Martini. It’s like an iced coffee with a bit of a tipple.

This beauty is Bailey’s, Ketel One Vodka and espresso all shaken with ice to keep it cool as can be.

It was genuinely one of the best cocktails I’ve ever tasted and I will surely be making a trip for a few of these during happy hour.

Kane settled for a classic Latte while we digested all the food we had tucked away within the previous 90 minutes.


If you’re planning on going out for a Christmas meal whether it be with work, friends or the family, I really would give Pitcher & Piano a shot, you won’t regret it.

You can try two courses for £20.95 or if you’re feeling a bit more peckish it’s £25.95 for three which is a pretty decent price in my opinion.

They also have a selection of canapes and festive drinks if you want something a bit different.

Pop in and pick up a Christmas pack if you need a bit more of a sway, you’ll be sold on their adorable tree decoration included!!!

You can find Pitcher & Piano on Friar Gate in Derby and their Facebook is right here where they’re always running competitions and the chance to win some cool stuff!

*Christmas menu tasting food and drinks were provided by Pitcher and Piano in exchange for a blog post but all thoughts and views are my own.