Brü Christmas Blogger Party

On Tuesday the 1st of November, I attended Leicester’s finest coffee and snack bar, Brü, for their Christmas blogger party.


I had heard so many brilliant things about Brü and I was so excited to see what all the fuss was about!

I went along with Jess from An Ounce of Grace and met some other bloggers for a quick bite to eat at the Bodega Cantina  which was scrummy! We chose to only share a few small dishes because we knew how much cake there would be later on…


Here’s just a quick snap of the Passion fruit mocktail I had alongside our food which was so refreshing and exactly what I needed after a long day of work and travelling.

We made our way over to Brü which only took around five minutes, but it was super cold.

The event ran for two hours from 7pm -9pm but we arrived slightly early to grab our seats and have a catch up with the other bloggers.

I must say, the spread was absolutely fabulous, set out of the way upstairs in the back corner to give us some privacy.


We had our own place settings, crackers, candy canes and even Christmas cards from Emmie (Carpe Diem Emmie) and Kirstie (Behind The Scent) who co-organised the event with the lovely folks at Brü.

I loved this vintage cassette tape adorned with my name and it’s now proudly sat on my fireplace amongst the other personal touches.

There we 11 of us in total (one couldn’t make it) which was the perfect amount to have a chat, a giggle whilst getting to know each other.


There were a few different activities planned including a Christmas quiz, pass the parcel and an unplanned karaoke outbreak of festive tunes. If all wearing Christmas themed jumpers or accessories wasn’t enough.

We also had a secret Santa planned which I bought for Tiffany (Frost in Space) and she loved it, thankfully! My secret Santa was Kirstie and my presents were just perfect.


I loved the wrapping paper that much I really didn’t want to rip it open but I love presents so, of course, I got right in there!

It was such a highlight of the night because everyone loved their presents and it was great to see that everyone knew each other pretty well. We are bloggers after all, we have to do the research.


Here is what my presents consisted of and they couldn’t be more right for me! I think Kirstie really put a lot of thought into this because if you’ve been on my Instagram, you know I love cocktails and I’m ALWAYS painting my nails different funky colours.

Here’s a cheeky snap of me and Jess in our Christmas attire…


Next up, it was time for Chloe from Brü to showcase their new and upcoming Christmas specials. Their new additions can be tasted from the 14th of November onwards with a few secrets that we don’t even know about!


To kick things off, we were all given mini samples of their festive drinks. These included the Gingerbread Latte (adorned with an adorable mini man), Spiced Orange Hot Chocolate and Cookies and Cream Hot Chocolate.

All three of these were so delicious but my personal favourite was the Gingerbread Latte – just because it that caffeine kick which twists so well with the gingerbread’s sweetness.

The Spiced Orange Hot Chocolate is incredibly warming and would be great when you’ve come in from the cold or need a sweet break from manic Christmas shopping.

The Cookies and Cream Hot Chocolate is super sweet and I think will be a huge hit with the kiddies – who doesn’t love Oreos?


Then they brought out the cakes and everyone’s eyes lit up! Feeling slightly warm and fuzzy already from the warming wonders, I had no hope of eating everything.

First, we tried a slab of the lemon tart which was light, airy and not sickly at all. The pastry was soft and the lemon was tart – complimenting each other perfectly.

We then tried the Cherry and Amaretti Cheesecake.


Doesn’t it look like you’ve died and gone to heaven? This was one of my favourites of the lot. I love cherry, I love Amaretti biscuits and with cheesecake? Perfect.

The cherry has the teeniest bitter taste which works perfectly with the sweet biscuit topping and base. The cheesecake itself was light, creamy and very indulgent (I could not finish the whole slice).

By this time, I was getting so full but I wanted to try a bit of everything.


These puppies were my favourites of the lot. They were Ginger Nut Cheesecakes with a ginger nut base.

I have a soft spot for ginger (if you haven’t noticed) and these would be perfect served with a cup of tea.

They were soft, spicy and rich which made it hard to eat a lot of it. Luckily I got to take the last one home to share with Kane which we really enjoyed eating.


This was the Black Forest Roulade and was an absolute beast.

Cherries, again, I know. I was in absolute heaven. This masterpiece was another favourite because it was creamy, soft and would be perfect for that Boxing Day party. I also took part of this home to enjoy later on.

Last up were the mini Chocolate Fudge Bundt Cakes.


These were tempting and I took a part of one home as I was about to pop by this point. They’re a classic and include all of those comforting, fudgey flavours.

They can also be served hot or cold with a scoop of lovely vanilla gelato or cream. These just scream Christmas to me with a big cup of coffee and a catch up with your bestie.

At this point we all gulped a glass of water and started to drift off to sleep. No I’m totally kidding but I could have easily curled up and slept right then and there.

After we thanked the Brü lot for their generous samples and hospitality, we had to make our way back to the train station.

We hugged the bloggers goodbye and started our venture back out into the wintery weather.

It was such a wonderful event and I can safely say one of the most generous and relaxed I have been to!

Thank you for Emmie and Kirstie for gathering us bloggers up and thank you to the gang at Brü for making us feel so welcome and filling our bellies!

Their Christmas menu launches on the 14th of November and I would seriously go try it if you’re in the area.

You can find their website here if you fancy checking them out! 🙂