What I bought from Burton.

Yesterday, me, my mum, my nan and her sister all went on a shopping trip to Burton which as a nice change from Derby town centre.

Burton isn’t a big city but it has a nice variety of shops and places to eat for a nice day out.

Although the weather was all over the place yesterday, we still managed to pop in and out of the few mini shopping centres without getting too wet or blown away.

We also went out to Frankie & Benny’s for lunch which was a nice alternative to a fast food place where we usually go when out shopping.


I had the Frankie’s Meatballs which was so so yummy with torn mozzarella and bread sticks covered in parmesan cheese.

For dessert I had a Cinnamon Waffle Crunch which I swapped vanilla ice cream with peanut butter and it was absolute heaven!

Now onto what I bought…


The first thing I wanted to show you was this absolute steal from TK Maxx. It’s a dark green cord dungaree dress and it’s so gorgeous.

I am DIGGING this green colour at the moment at I think it suits me having light hair and all.

I can’t wait to pair it with black tights and a long sleeved top for my autumn wardrobe.

It was £14.99 from TK Maxx and I’m so in love with it.


Yes, another face mask. But seriously, they smell so good and leave your face feeling so soft.

I wanted to try the coconut one this time because I bet it smells awesome and coconut is meant to be so good for your skin.

This was only 90p and from Primark.


How pretty is this lace, floral bra? I’ve literally grown out of so many the past few months so I’ve been needing to update my selection so I just picked this up.

It was only £6 from Peacock’s.

Also, I am so thankful Burton has a Peacock’s because Derby got rid of theirs a few years back and I love their bras so I had to pick one up whilst in Burton.


I’ve been obsessing over fake nails recently because mine are just so short and stubby and I found these puppies.

They were from a local make up shop which I cannot for the life of me remember the name of.

But they’re white with a holographic shine and were only £2.99 which is fab considering they look really good quality.


Stripes, stripes everywhere. Yep, I love a good stripe and this vest top is just a simple
v-neck to layer with shirts/skirts for everyday use.

I love this style from Primark because they’re quite flattering for the bust area with a good bra and they fit the shape of anyone’s body.

Plus, it was in the sale rack for only a quid which was pretty damn lucky after I’ve been looking for some more of these for AGES.


A bit of a random buy but I think this will come in super handy.

I always use Nair cream on my eyebrows to get rid of all my blonde, fine hairs but I think this roll on wax stick will save so much time.

It was only 99p from Home Bargains and I’m excited to try it out.


Next up are the pound glories from wonderful Primark.

I love the colours, I love the pattern and I love the style of these because they’re not just big boring pants and they’re not too fancy.

Just comfy, pretty undies!


Hopefully this really means frizz no more…

My hair is so frizz prone it’s unreal and I wanted something to make my hair feel smoother and less crazy.

This was only 99p from Home Bargains which is slowly becoming one of my favourite shops for beauty products.


At first when I picked this top up, it was to show my mum because it’s totally something she would wear but after seeing they didn’t have her size, I tried it on.

I actually loved it; it makes me look quite grown up and professional which is what I like so much about it.

It was on the sale rack in Matalan for only £6.


If you’re a fan of super matte lippy – then this is a treat!

Again from that beauty shop I have blanked on the name of, it was only £1.99.

I love the pigmented pink yet slightly nude colour which I am loving at the mo and I think it’d look great with a smokey eye for date night!


I’m all over the print vibe at the moment and this shirt is certainly no exception.

It has sort of a vintage-yet-modern feel to it and I think it’d look great with white jeans or a grey skirt.

It’s made of a super soft and thin material yet not see-through which is a plus.

This polka dot piece was from Primark reduced from £8 to £5.


I am LOVING Wilko’s Essence range at the moment as they have the perfect eyebrow pencil colour for me but I have also been loving their gel nail varnish range.

I picked this colour up as I looking for more girly colours to compliment lipsticks and so on.

I use a lot of dark nail varnish which has been staining my nails recently so I thought I’d try something a bit lighter and prettier.

This was only £1.60 from Wilko.


I thought I’d take a close up of the pattern/colour of this swimsuit rather than a photo of the whole thing because it’s pretty difficult.

It’s a low back, keyhole front, halterneck swimsuit with an incredible print and colour splash.

I’ve been looking at it for around a month or so contemplating whether or not I liked it, when I saw it on the sale rack I just went for it.

£3 too from the amazing, Primark.


How freakin’ awesome is this Alice in Wonderland nighty?! My mum was going to buy it me for my birthday but they only ever had tiny sizes left.

Then we saw it in the Burton shop which I was so happy about!

I love how it’s monochrome but still so interesting and of course, as a huge Disney fan, I just had to get it.

It was £5 from Primark.


Yes cherry, again, I know.

But I’m in dire need of some new shampoo and this smells like angels bottled up.

They were just over a pound a bottle from Superdrug and I’m sure they’ll make my hair smell like a fruit bowl.


This is the thing I am most excited about using. A Lightbox!

After seeing them all over Instagram and at events I have been to in the past few months, I have been secretly dying for one.

The I saw them, in Home Bargains, for a tenner.

I have also customised it already…


Yeah, kinda sad I know but it’s already looking lovely on our fireplace.

I’ve tried to make our home very cute and centered around us as a couple and I think this just adds to that.

I can’t wait to change it over when we have parties and near christmas and stuff.

So there we are… everything I bought from Burton yesterday.

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