My 21st Birthday Celebrations!

So on Friday the 5th of August, I turned 21. How scary?!

And of course I celebrated all week long…

I just wanted to show you all the amazing things I did, ate and saw along the way.

Let’s kick things off with Wednesday the 3rd

I went out for a few cocktails and food with one of my best friends, Jess. You can find her blog here!

We started off with a cocktail and food at Revolucion de Cuba, a cuban themed bar on the Wardwick in Derby.


I started off with a frozen Pineapple Daiquiri and Jess had a cocktail called the ‘Totally Tropical Punch’. Mine was deliciously refreshing but became a little watery towards the end and it gave me major brain freeze!

We then moved onto some delectable food…


I had a Pulled Pork Burrito with a side of Albondigas meatballs in a tomato sauce. Jess went for three tapas dishes which included mojito battered cauliflower wings, mixed roasted veg and pork belly skewers which looked super yummy!

I love the food at Cuba (my nickname for it) because it’s not too pricey with the set menus, the cocktails are great and their selection of food is great.

We then had another cocktail because it was happy hour, which, of course, is the perfect excuse to celebrate my birthday.


I chose a Ruby Punch which is served in this adorable elephant gem. Jess opted for a frozen Strawberry Daiquiri which smelt like an ice lolly.

We then moved onto some other bars but I didn’t take any photos because I wanted to enjoy myself.

Thursday the 4th

After having a half day at my work so I could go and buy all the BBQ bits for my party on my birthday, I went out for a meal with my family.

I’ve been wanting to go to The Joiner’s Arms for months and we finally took a trip there.

After being a HUGE fan of The Bull’s Head in Repton, I wanted to try their sister pub in Quarndon.

When we arrived, the table was laid with balloons, menus and we were greeted by a smiley waitress.


I chose one of my all time favourites, a Mango & Raspberry Rekorderlig.

We then chose our mains and with an extensive pizza menu, of course I had to have one.

I actually found it really difficult to chose because I really wanted a steak sandwich or a chicken, chorizo and mac and cheese salad that looked awesome.


This is my pizza which was called the Milan. It had a tomato base, melted brie and mozzarella cheeses topped with rocket, prosciutto and a balsamic glaze.

Simple yet tasty which was perfect for me!

Me and my mum thought we’d try out a cocktail too, but no ordinary cocktail…


It was a bath filled with ice and straws with two tea cups and of course, a novelty yellow duck. The cocktail consisted of limoncello, peach schnapps, citron vodka, homemade lemonade and a scoop of lemon sorbet which was incredible.

For dessert, they brought me out a board with a scoop of chocolate ice cream and a strawberry.


I found this so cute and they made my birthday feel extra special. Little things like this make me really appreciate the service at a restaurant and makes me want to go back all the more.

Friday the 5th- MY BIRTHDAY!!

I woke in the morning and decided I wanted a yummy breakfast so I had waffles, nutella and strawberries with a big glass of orange juice.


Then it was time to open my presents which I was super excited about… But I’m writing another post about them which will be up soon!

Kane did get me some of the coolest things though including some awesome balloons.


He also got me the most awesome birthday card which had the cutest messages in about ninja babies.


He also calls me my full name all the time to wind me up so he decided to get it written on my card. Grr. But it is rather cute.

I then started getting ready for afternoon tea with the lovely ladies in my family.


My dress and shoes were both from New Look and this awesome sash was made by a lovely lady in my family and we all wore them.

We had afternoon tea at The Cathedral Quarter Hotel on St Mary’s Gate which was very elegant yet laidback which is what I wanted.

After meeting my family, we were seated and offered a selection of teas but we opted for normal English Tea.

Our selection of foods was brought out after some time chatting and drinking our Prosecco!


These were the selection desserts on offer with the sandwiches tucked behind neatly.

I was amazed at the variety of puddings, especially considering we had freshly made scones with jam and cream too!

My personal favourites were the Eton Mess and the lemon macaroons which were tangy but soft.

I would definitely recommend the Cathedral Quarter Hotel for Afternoon Tea and they have an online deal which is 2 people for £15 or £20 including a glass of Prosecco which is what we did.


Here is a photo of all the lovely ladies in my family and I’m so grateful for them all celebrating with me, in style!

After going home and resting for a few hours with Kane, we had to start prepping for a big BBQ/party with all my family and friends.

I made a huge punch in my new dispenser tap jar which I think was one of the best purchases.


The ingredients were cut up lemons, limes and strawberries with a big glug of Smirnoff, half a bottle of peach schnapps, a glug of Malibu, a third of a bottle of raspberry Sourz, some orange juice, pineapple juice, lemonade topped with half a bottle of Prosecco.

It was absolutely delicious and went down a hit! I think it was because it didn’t really taste a lot like alcohol…

I don’t have many photos from my BBQ but here are the cute ones I do have:


Me and my lovely sister.


And of course me and my love, Kane, who was cooking all the BBQ food all night.

After a few hours of enjoying ourselves, it was time for the cake!


I had a massive Costco cake because they’re amazing and I needed that much to feed our family and friends.

I had a great night but I was so exhausted by midnight and ended up going to sleep like a baby.

Saturday the 6th

The Saturday morning was my chance to refuel and have a bit of a chill out before later in the day.

Mid-afternoon I went shopping with my mum and my sister and bought quite a few things which will appear in a new post soon…

We then went for a TGI’s with Kane because it’s one of my favourites.


I had the Three Little Piggies sandwich which was pork belly (I have a secret obsession recently) bacon and pulled BBQ pork covered in cheese and sweet potato fries. YUM right?

I then had a Rocky Road sundae which was brought out by a troupe of singing waiters and waitresses which was super embarrassing. I also had to stand on my chair while they got the whole restaurant to clap along with them.

To say I was red would be an understatement.

We then went to the cinema to watch Suicide Squad which I have been excited about watching for nearly TWO YEARS.


I think it may already be one of my favourite films to date. Purely because the cast was insane and because I LOVE The Joker and Harley Quinn relationship.

I felt the storyline was a little forced but the characters totally made the film with their interesting and twisted back stories and their friendships. 9/10 from me. Plus, Jared Leto is a total babe.

Sunday the 7th

Sunday was the day I was looking forward to the most because we were going to Liverpool!

I was super excited because I’d never been before and I love seeing new cities.

We arrived around half 1 and decided we’d head straight for food because we were starving and couldn’t check into our hotel until 2pm.

We tried a burger bar called Almost Famous which was right around the corner from our hotel.

I had this wonderful Cherry Lemonade which was tasty as hell.

For food I had a double burger covered with cheese, bacon, cool doritos, bacon mayo and topped by a mac and cheese ball. YUM, I know.

We also had the Bacon Bacon fries which were mixed between regular skin on fries and sweet potato fries, covered in bacon mayo and crispy bacon bits. Crazy but awesome.

After eating, we checked into our hotel, The Nadler, and they upgraded us to a king size room for free which was a pleasant surprise.

What I loved about our hotel  was it was smack bang in the middle of everywhere and nothing was too far away at a reasonable price.

After settling in and having a sit down, we ventured out to Albert Docks for a wander.

After eating donuts and taking lots of photos, we decided to go on a ferry ride across the Mersey which was unbelievable.


The views, breeze and weather were just perfect. It was so sunny with a heavy breeze which was perfect for boat ride.

The journey lasted around 45 minutes and for £10 each, I didn’t think was bad at all.

It was one of the perfect ways to see the sights and take awesome photos!

Here’s a cheeky selfie.


After the boat trip, we took a wander round the docks and went for a cheeky cocktail at The Smuggler’s Cove.

We then had a rest at the hotel for an hour or so and decided to go for some food.

I decided I wanted an Italian and after some research and reading reviews, we chose a local restaurant called Il Forno.

After we were seated, I started to feel quite ill and tired so I opted for a small Carbonara as i didn’t want to over eat and feel worse.


Kane had a huge meaty pizza and we shared a garlic bread pizza too.

The food was divine but after feeling funny, I couldn’t stomach it all.

I even turned down dessert which meant I was ill as dessert’s my favourite part.

We then went back to the hotel because I was so exhausted.

Monday the 8th

After a long and re-energising sleep, we headed out for breakfast at Bill’s.

I chose an Eggs Benedict and Kane had a Full English which looked amazing.


After devouring a beautiful breakfast, we had a whole day of shopping ahead of us which I was excited for.

I’ll show you all the lovely things we bought in another post because there is LOADS.

After shopping, we needed a break again before we travelled home.

Because I had a free birthday meal voucher, we went to Las Iguanas on the terrace.

Because it was happy hour, of course we had Pina Coladas, my absolute favourite.


After finishing our meal, we trekked to the train station to finally make our way home.

I had an AMAZING time celebrating my 21st in so many different ways with all of my favourite people.

But now it’s time to be an adult and start doing adult things now I’m 21 which is super scary.

Time to get back to normality and start saving for Christmas. Now THAT’S scary.