My Everyday Make Up Products

I’ve been thinking of doing this post for a while but there has always been one or two of my make up products that aren’t as I’d like them to be.

BUT NOW, I am completely happy with everything I use and so I want to showcase, to you lot, what I use on a daily basis.

My date night look 👱 #ootd

A photo posted by Jay Allsopp ✌ (@jayleeallsopp) on May 1, 2016 at 8:21am PDT

ABOVE: Here is what I look like on a typical day, cat eye and nude lip.

First off, let’s talk about the base for the face.

Moisturiser and Primer:


When applying my make up, I like a soft, matte base so my face doesn’t go shiny and looks oily so I start off with a mattifying moisturiser which is tea tree too so it’s good for my blemishes. I then wait for that to dry a little before adding a touch of primer. This one is from Superdrug for around £3 and I love it because it’s mattifying yet slightly shimmery and light. After these have set in, I next apply my face make up.



I start off applying my Primark green colour corrector. I use this to cover the blemishes and redness on my face; I just colour it in with the pencil top. I don’t rub in or anything, I just draw it on and leave to settle. I use my Seventeen Stay Time concealer in Extra Fair on the top of my foundation later on, applied with a concealer brush from Primark.



When it comes to applying my foundation, I use an egg brush on a stick to blend and even it all out which is from Primark (again, I know) which is only £1.50. I mix Rimmel’s Match Perfection in Light Porcelain and Rimmel’s Lasting Finish in Light Porcelain. I do this because the Match perfection is the perfect colour and has a soft feel and the Lasting Finish has the coverage I like and as a bit thicker so together they cover well and feel quite light and natural.



For mattifying my look, I use Rimmel’s Stay Matte in Transparent with my face blender brush which was part of a set I got for Christmas. I light sweep over my face with my brush and try to get rid of any shiny parts.



I then apply my Natural Collection blusher in the Rosey Glow shade with my stippling brush from the Primark range. I really love this blusher because it’s not too pink and you only need a tiny stroke to show off the gorgeous pigments. I then use my face blender again over the top to blend it into my face, just so it’s not too striking and looks more natural.



I absolutely adore this highlighter because it catches the light so nicely. It’s part of the Makeup Revolution range from Superdrug in a contour set. I sometimes use the whole contouring kit when I am going out but just the highlighter for everyday. The shade of this palette is Fair because I am beyond pale and I use a PS flat brush from the Primark range. If you haven’t notice I LOVE the Primark range of make up brushes. They’re so soft, cheap and easy to clean.

Eyebrow tools:


I know my brow gel look super murky but it’s just gone brownish from my eyebrow pencil. First I brush my eyebrows into place with my mascara brush. I then use my Essence pencil in the blonde shade to colour my brows in and extend the length of them. This shade is, hands down, PERFECT for my brows because it matches the colour perfectly. I then use the brow gel (which was clear) from Primark to hold them in place. I have long eyebrow hair so they tend to move out of place quite a lot which is super irritating so the brow gel is a lifesaver for me.



Sometimes I use a slight sweep of eyeshadow to add a bit of shimmer to my look. My most used one is this Natural Collection one in the Moonshine shade. The colour is very slightly shimmer silver which compliments blue eyes quite well. I apply using an ordinary eyeshadow brush and it looks great blended with a darker shade for a smokey eye.



When applying my eyeliner, I use two different ones. I use the Essence Liquid Ink to draw my line across my lashline and then I use the Collection fast Stroke to draw my flick. The reason I use two is because the Liquid Ink is a brush which is quite soft whereas the fast Stroke brush is quite firm and good for applying angles. I know that doesn’t make much sense but it does in my head…

Liner and Mascara:


If you know me, you know I love dark eyes and these complete my look. I use Rimmel’s Scandaleyes in the darkest black you can get. It lines my eyes very well because it’s very dark compared to a lot of eyeliners I have tried. I then use Seventeen’s Doll’d Up on my eyelashes. I love this because it lengthens and thickens them without looking clumpy like a lot of mascaras do.



Now last but not least is the lips! I use this Nivea Essential Care under all of my lipsticks because some are quite matte and my lips can get quite dry. The lipsticks are just two of many I have but I use these two quite often for an everyday look. Both are from the MUA range from Superdrug and they’re only £1 each. The nudey colour one is called Fawn Fancy and the more pinky shade is Mystic Marsala. Both of these lipsticks are mattifying so with the Nivea lip stick, they become slightly shiny.

So there you have it, my whole everyday make up routine. It may seem like a lot of products, which it is, but it’s just what I prefer to use, I like a lot of coverage and a dark eye.

Let me know what products you use everyday and if you have any recommendations!