Humble Homewares

Since moving into our new house about two weeks ago, I have gone homewares mad!

I’m trying to make the house look all vintagey and cute but also stylish and sophisticated.

I love all things cheap and quite a lot of these buys have been amazingly small in price!

First off are my make up drawers:


I’m a huge fan of the plastic make up storage boxes and cases and these drawers caught my eye in B&M. They were only £3.99 and I’m in love with them; they’re so handy to keep accessories on and keep things neat and tidy on my side.

Primark Candle Set:


I have an absolute obsession with pretty candles and these have taken a corner of my window-sill. They were only £3 from Primark and I love how boho-hippy they are. Because our bedroom is a lot of white and wood, they add some colour to the blank canvas that is our bedroom.

Tiger Heart Bunting:


I bought this a few weeks ago from Tiger for only a quid! It is 4 metres long though so if you decide to buy it, you need to find somewhere to put it. I tried putting it up in our bedroom and it’s just so long! Also, how lovely is the bedding? It’s a big double set from Ikea for only £13!

Our Fireplace:








Now there’s a few things I wanted to show you on our fireplace but I’ll start with the lettered candles. How cute are they? I got these for £2 each from Asda and I think they make our home look very personal. I also love our clock, £6 , from Ikea. It fits into our monochrome theme in the living room and it’s perfectly sized for our narrow fireplace. There hanging heart reads: ‘love you to the moon and back’ and I bought it for Kane as a little present from Matlock last week and it was only £3.99.

Black Mirror:


This vintage looking mirror is from B&M for only £7.99 and looks perfect above our fireplace. I love it because it fits in the colour scheme, it’s quite small and very me! It’s not too big and not too small and just adds a little contrast to the bright white walls in the living room.

Candle fireplace layout:








I know it’s pretty odd we don’t have an actually fire under the fireplace, but I have made it look pretty. I have a grey oil burner that my auntie bought for us, which fits great with our colour scheme. She also bought us a whole lot of different oils and scents for it so our house always smells wonderful now! I also have some little Yankee candles in tealight pots. The pots were £1.50 for 4 from Ikea and the candles are in scents Black Cherry and Vanilla.

Assortment of containers:


I have a thing for collecting different containers and bottles. The clasp top jars are both from Ikea and I think are £1 each. The bottles are ones I have collected over the past few weeks including a sweet jar from The Treat Kitchen which is a cute little sweet shop in the Intu. I also have a great big Peroni bottle (which is Kane’s) and a Snapple glass bottle. I’m going to eventually use this to melt candles in, stuff with fairy lights or use them as vases. I’m all about recycling for decorations!



Kane’s mum bought us this little plaque to hang in the hallway and I love the message it reads. It’s great because it’s our first home and I just find it very sentimental. It is only small and it was only £1.99 from B&M. they have an assortment of different coloured strings and sayings on them and I think they add a little meaning to a corner of your home.

So that’s it for now! Just a few of my favourite homewares from our new home. I’m still looking out for a few more little bits so I’ll keep y’all updated!