Revolución de Cuba Bloggers Night!

On Tuesday night, I attended an evening at Revolución de Cuba in Derby for bloggers to try their new menu and see what they were all about!

I got to bring Kane too which was fun. Two of my classmates from university came with too as they’re into blogging also.

When we were seated amongst other bloggers, we were presented with a Mojito each to taste whilst we settled in.
Here it is:


We were also presented with their new main menu to have a glaze over and take notes.

After about 15 minutes, we were all took over to the bar to have a mini cocktail masterclass with a bartender called Ben!

He started off by talking about some history of rums and how to make a Mojito. I opted to try a raspberry one as they’re my favourite and it was so yummy!


He then made a few basic cocktails including Martini’s, Zombies, Bloody Mary’s and a few things including their speciality rums.

Ben then went onto show us how to make things we enjoyed. I opted for something coconutty (my favourite) and he showed me how to make a Coconut Daiquiri and it was beyond delicious!


I could drink these for years if my life depended on it!

After around an hour of making cocktails, we sat back down to try some food!

First off, they put some nachos with homemade guac and salsa for us to try.

I’m not a huge fan of guac but the salsa was absolutely amazing!


Sorry the quality’s not too great on this, I had a few cocktails by then!

They brought a few tapas dishes out next for us to try. These included: Romesco glazed chicken, pork and chorizo quesadillas (delic), Albondigas, cauliflower wings, sardines, butternut squash..

This was the Albondigas:


Ramesco Glazed Chicken:


There was so much meat but it was oh so yummy!

The next thing they brought out were 3 different flavours of burritos (my favourite) for us to try.

They were a Marinated Chicken flavour, Flaming Albondiga and slow Cooked Beef flavours.

I have to say the Flaming Albondiga was my favourite because it had homemade pork,beef and chorizo meatballs in which were absolutely amazing.

I was so full by this point but I just couldn’t stop eating!


They were served with little nachos and some black beans which were yummy!

Next, they decided to tempt us with burgers! They served us the Pork and Chorizo Burger and a Surf N Turf. The Pork and Chorizo burger was beyond beautiful and I think me and Kane pretty much ate the whole thing (oops!)

Here’s the Classic Pork and Chorizo:


Even the chips and rum mayo was yummy!

Here’s the luscious Surf N Turf:


Finally, we were served with two different puddings.

They were the Churro Cheesecake (to die for) and Sweet Nachos (not as weird as they sound).

The Churro Cheesecake was just too yummy for me not to eat and I couldn’t face the Sweet Nachos as I had ate far too much.

Unfortunately, I ate the Churro Cheesecake far too quickly to take a picture but I have one of the Sweet Nachos:


They were dusted with icing sugar, had a mango and strawberry salsa type sauce with mascarpone on the side (they look amazing).

We then finished the night with coffees, (which I needed at this point) I chose a mocha and it came out like this:


How cute are they?!

Here’s a photo of me and Kane with the hats we got free! Doesn’t he look like Olly Murs?!


Overall, I had an amazing night trying foods I never usually would have and seeing the range of things Revolución de Cuba has to offer the people of Derby. They also have a lunch menu available on their website which I will definitely visiting soon to try!

You should try it sometime too!