Rhodes 2015!

After not posting in months and with uni coming up in a few weeks, I thought it was best I get back on this blogging bandwagon.

SO, a few weeks ago I travelled to Rhodes, Greece for a family wedding and my oh my, it was a bloody adventure.

It was Tuesday the 11th of August and after packing all morning and getting ready to leave, I started to get this awful stomach pain. At first I thought I thought it was just nerves but after feeling sick and not being able to eat all morning, I knew something was seriously up. It started to feel like something that I had a few weeks prior which led to me in hospital. Despite it, I took some painkillers and tried to fight through.

We made our way to East Midlands Airport and checked in and what not. Everything was fine; luckily (airports scare the crap out of me). We flew at 3.30pm UK time and I was so excited despite feeling so icky. The flight was quite relaxing and we saw some amazing views flying over Europe. Here’s just one:

Just as we were coming into land, I started to feel really sick and had serious stomach pains. We were about 5 minutes from the ground and that was it, I yacked. I don’t think it was nerves or anything, just that was I poorly. Which was seriously not fun. It affected the whole holiday.

After landing, stepping off the plane into 30 degree heat at 10pm Greek time was torture, especially feeling so rough. I carried my barfbag round the airport as my family got the suitcases and found out where we were going. We found our transfer to our hotel which was all the way down the island to Lindos. I thought it was going to take hours but luckily we were at our hotel in about 45 minutes after falling asleep on our air-conditioned coach.

We checked into the hotel and had to trek up to our room which, by the way, we got to on a cable car lift. If you know Rhodes, you know it’s all mountains and hills. The second we stepped in, we were greeted by a whole lot of cold air which was bloody brilliant after walking through the humid heat we’re not used to.

Shortly after unpacking, I crawled into bed feeling awful. All that night, I couldn’t sleep because I was sat by the loo most of the night yacking. Which was not the best way to start a holiday at all.

We got up the next day and had a bit of an explore around the hotel. By 11am it was about 35 degrees and man, I was sweating, especially feeling so ill. I took painkillers every four hours on the dot but I still found it hard to stomach anything. We spent the afternoon in the pool right near our room and it was so refreshing. Here’s a pic with my sis:


One of the things I noticed about being in Rhodes was how much brighter and intense the sun felt on your skin. Factor 50 was a serious must all holiday or you just fried.

Later that night we met the rest of the family at a cute little bar called The Lemon Tree. It was set on the beach overlooking the water and was really relaxing. Well, apart from the heat; I really wasn’t used to it and it felt like it was making whatever was wrong with me, worse.

That night I slept a bit better but I still felt rough the next day.

Now, the Thursday was the wedding day. I had to be OK and I had to be well enough to go and show my face, afterall, that’s the whole reason we were in Greece. We spent the majority of the morning and afternoon by the pool again because it seemed the best way to cope with the heat. We slowly got ready for the wedding and made our way to St Paul’s Bay in Lindos. It was so beautiful, look:


The wedding that evening was so gorgeous but it was so bloody warm! The photos were so beautiful and it really was a once in a lifetime thing. We were taken on a boat ride after the ceremony to the reception venue and it had some really amazing views:


We then arrived at the reception on a beach taverna with a long table for all of us. It was so intimate and lovely. The pain started to kick in and I tried to fight it the best I could. The food looked so delicious with all different meats, potatoes, couscous, salads and flatbread which was all I could manage to stomach that night. We stayed ’til about 12am and we decided to leave because I was started to get really ill. Then we realised, to get a taxi back to our hotel, we had to climb this huge hill (in heels I might add) and walk through Lindos town to flag one down. That was a bloody trek and it took about 45 minutes. By the time we got back, we were shattered and finally decided to sleep.

Friday morning we decided to go to my auntie’s hotel over in Kolymbia which is where we had stayed in previous years. Her hotel was absolutely massive with a great big pool and an all inclusive bar which was pretty impressive.


After spending the majority of the day, we trekked in Kolymbia town to find a chemist for some painkillers for me as the pain was still not fading away. After walking in the heat for what felt like forever, we found a few shops and bought a few souvenirs and finally some strong painkillers!

That night we chose to stay in hotel and sit by the pool bar. It was quite relaxing considering we’d spent the previous nights out.

After an early night, we’d woke up fresh the next day to go to the beach. We had the strangest experience because it started raining, which is not a common thing in Greece. Although the beach was quite pebbly and shingly, we still had a fun time.


Late that afternoon, we thought it was the best time to properly visit Lindos town and buy some souvenirs. We clearly under-estimated how hot it would be as it rained that morning. You feel the heat a lot more when you’re active, my gosh. This was the view over Lindos though and it made it worth it.


From being so worn out that day, we just stayed in hotel and used the free wifi in the lobby.

The next day we chose to visit the main attraction of the island, Rhodes Town. We were up and on the coach by 10am and we were already sweating like crazy. Luckily the coach was airconned and we got to see a whole lot of the island. Unfortunately, the tablets I was taking made me drowsy so most of the way there, I slept. But when we got there, it felt a lot warmer than where we were staying down in Lindos.

The second we got off the bus, I remembered exactly where we were ten years ago and it felt so surreal. We walked round through old town and found the markets. After buying a few things here and there, we decided to visit the harbour and my gosh, it was so beautiful.


After walking for about 3 hours, we decided to get the coach back to Lindos because it was far too warm and we saw all we needed to. By the time we got back, we needed to get in the pool. Too hot for words so I jumped straight in. That night we went to the newlyweds hotel to watch a Beatles tribute band. Now, I’m not usually a fan of the Beatles but it was quite nice to feel close to home again after all the greek food and culture. Also there was free wifi by the bar which helped a whole lot. That night I started to feel a lot better in myself and like I could do more without getting so tired.

The next day, my nan decided she wanted to go to Pefkos which was the best beach on the island and it bloody was! Golden sands and clear blue sea.


This was the day that I got truely sunburnt on my shoulders, neck, back and arms. It hurt, a lot.

We got back from Pefkos after a few hours and needed a serious nap. We sat by the other pool bar that night as it was our last night there. The view was gorgeous!


The Tuesday morning, we spent a few hours in the pool and then we needed to pack everything up. By 6pm that evening, we were on the bus back to the airport saying goodbye to Rhodes for the last time. It was quite sad to think we were coming home but at the same time, I missed England far too much. The food, my other half and just culture in general. Luckily on the flight back over, I was fully recovered from being ill and was barf free when landing which was a huge relief! Stepping off the plane to a cool 16 degree heat too was so nice; the heat was not for me at all. I think visiting a cold place is definitely on the cards soon.

Greece is a great experience and I’m so glad to have done it twice but I want to try new things now like Italy, Norway and maybe America. Rhodes, you’ve been amazing!