Lucille: The Sound of Lucille – EP Review

After reviewing Lucille’s latest track, Losin’ My Mind, they came back to me for more and wanted me to review their whole EP. Not bad eh?

Well after a good few listen throughs I have come to a stern conclusion. These guys are freakin’ talented!

This seven track wonder got me groovin’ like never before! Ok that sounds so cheesy but I did have a bit of a dance, how can you not?

The first track, Ain’t It A Shame, has a seriously catchy intro. It was stuck in my head all bloody night! It’s odd because it has a serious funky vibe but it also has a rock and roll feel to it too which you don’t hear a lot of these days. Both Scott and Carl’s voices, the guys singing, really blend well together and even though you have to really listen to hear what they’re both saying, it just fits so well into the song. There’s also some mad keyboard skills too.

Song number two, Ain’t got no home, has a bassier vibe yet still easy to tap your feet to. One thing I have noticed is that all their tracks have hit the nail on the head with the rhythm. Their so in sync with each other which makes their music sound effortlessly brilliant. Especially considering this genre of music isn’t noticed much anymore. But this track has yet another catchy melody which sticks with you and you find yourself humming. That cymbal crash at the end too… golden!

Before listening to Awful Things, I expected it to be a slower song but no siree. I think this has to be a favourite on the EP, probably because within one listen, you can sing the chorus along with them and have a bit of a wiggle to. Carl’s giving it some soul too alongside some light keys in the background. Oh honey, why you do those awful things?

Now I’ve already reviewed Losin’ My Mind so I’m not gonna say much. But after even more listens, I love it that little bit more. Yet again, Scott and Carl’s voices merge so nicely together and the guitar and keys solos really showcase the amount of talent in this band. It sounds like Scott has a serious stutter in the chorus but I know it’s just for effect, either way, sounds pretty cool.

Time’s All Gone really impressed me if I’m honest. It has a kind of sultry vibe and something you’d expect to appear in Mad Men or something. Very 1950’s. The actual music in the background has a sort of psychedelic vibe too but strangely, it really fits with the lyrics. Although you can’t have a groove to it, you can have a sway and maybe the odd hip swing. Saying this, I still found it quite mysterious and I wanted more. Definite favourite even if it does sound like it belongs to a crime drama show.

The first time I heard Fair To Middlin’ I got a serious country vibe, especially at the beginning. But then it turned into a funky soulful jam; although I could still see line dancing to it. Now I didn’t know what Fair To Middlin’ meant at first so I gave it a Google and it’s the Deep South meaning for ‘fair enough’ or ‘alright’. I guess that’s the kind of vibe they’re going for so it makes perfect sense. I do like the guitar solo mid-song though, very rock and roll.

After waiting for My Baby’s Gone  to kick in, I was a little bewildered. I did not expect it all. The first minute or so felt like an open mic night thing with the music very light in the background and the vocals on full. Then when the music kicked in, it changed the vibe completely. I was sat groovin’ again. After a lot of cymbal crashes, the lyrics make their way back in with the quiet backing music. The calling back really makes the song what it is and defines their old school genre. Although this track was a bit longer than the rest, it fits perfectly in last place on the EP, leaving on a good note and ending the experience.

Overall, I really bloody liked this album. I’m not usually a fan of Rhythm and Blues music but this EP just made me a fan. Their album, The Sounds of Lucille, is available at their launch this Saturday the 23rd of May!

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Go on, you know you wanna!