Kimono Beach Party – EP Review

Founded in 2012, Kimono Beach Party are a Derby based band who describe themselves as Math Rock. What even is that? Well after listening to their latest EP, I think I might just understand. It’s a kind of indie sound which has some sort of geeky edge to it.

After listening to the first track from their Drinking At Family Reunions EP, I’m left a little enlightened, I never knew you could do things like that with instruments; it’s a bit amazing actually. Lass kind of reminds me a little of Blink 182 with their guitar solo about two thirds of the way through the song. The part I really enjoyed is the chanting along with a cracking upbeat tune behind it which adds a little bit of lightness.

Friends Don’t Weigh Much, I think, really showcases the skill they have not only on guitar but drums too. I think my favourite part of the song would have to be the calming melodies about two and a half minutes in which I think really fits in with the theme of the lyrics. It almost feels like the song is telling a story in the way that it changes rhythm and tempo.

Dance And/Or Fight has a sort of groovy edge to it, thanks to the synth addition. It confused me at first like, do I want to dance or should I not? This song carries on the nautical theme which comes up in the majority of their lyrics which is also reflected in the music which accompanies. But the thing that really caught my attention was the sudden change in tempo half way through. All of a sudden it switches from a slow song to an upbeat and happy tune.

Everything According To Plan is the fourth addition to the EP and it brings a different vibe. The song takes on a more serious tone but still sticking to the groovy music in the background. I think I prefer this to any others on their EP, it seems a lot more grown up compared to the rest and I really like the guitar melodies. It might be that or the fact they really remind me of Don Broco.

The intro to Chemistry and Sinking Ships had me in love, it’s so relaxing and calm! I really liked this song as it brought a different, softer element to the EP which I didn’t know was missing until I listened to this track. Again, the instruments all have their play and really make the track something special.

Even though the last track, You Can’t Keep Me From Getting Drunk, is a quick tune, it sure makes a statement. Although it sounds like a demo track, the background noise adds a sort of authenticity to it. It feels almost magical with the twinkling piano sounds, something that would be in a movie.

This EP definitely stood out for me as I’d never heard music like Kimono Beach Party’s but it certainly made an impression and I’m sure it’ll be on my playlist for a while!