Lucille: Losin’ My Mind Review

Heavily inspired by mid-century American music, Lucille are a roots band located right here in the midlands. Taking inspiration from the likes of Little Richard, Etta James and Willie Dixon, Lucille are set to release their debut album in just a few short weeks.

After some sweet talkin’, I managed to bag a song to have a listen to and review and my, oh my, it’s a sure fire treat.

It’s one of them songs that from the get go, your head’s bobbing, foot’s tapping and it makes you wanna dance!

Losin’ My Mind has sweet-ass guitar solo mid-tune; one that you could definitely imagine playing in an American Diner.

You really can’t tell that it was only recorded a few short weeks ago. It has an authentic sound which takes you to the 1950’s, dancing in a bar, surrounded by cigarette smoke and the sweet smell of bourbon.

The chorus is one that definitely gets caught in your brain after just a listen or two. It’s making me feel like I’m losing my mind! Ha… Get it? Never mind.

Placing number four of seven on their upcoming EP, I’m definitely excited to hear more from Lucille and with their record launch slowly creeping around the corner, it’s well on the way to selling out. Not bad for a small time band from Derby eh?

I’m crazy excited to give their album a listen and to put my dancing shoes on! Keep your eyes peeled…

You can buy tickets to their launch here: