My Top Eight Favourite Albums Of All Time!

So recently I’ve been thinking about what kind of new music I wanna listen to, new albums, new artists, new genres.

Which THEN got me onto thinking, what are my favourite albums?
I have like 1700+ songs on my iPod and some of the stuff on there, I’ve not listened to in ages and I’m talking years.

I looked through my Most Played list and I’ve come to a decision on my favourite albums.

I don’t think they’re in any particular order, I’ve just composed a random list of what they are and why.

Ed Sheeran: Plus
This definitely has to be one of my favourites. Why? I’m not too sure exactly. It could be the beautiful lyrics, the catchy melodies or the sheer depth of the album. When I first listened to it about four years ago, it brought out so many emotions in me, I was a tad bit starstruck. I think my favourites on the album would have to be: Wake Me Up and Give Me Love probably because I’m a bit of a romantic and these tracks were like music to my ears. HA get it?

Black Stone Cherry: Between The Devil And the Deep Blue Sea
There’s something about this album that I just love. I was first introduced to Black Stone Cherry by one of my old friends at college. He showed my White Trash Millionaire and I instantly fell in love with their sound and their grittiness. I then Googled them and realised this album had just been released so I downloaded it and gave it a listen. My personal favourites are: Can’t You See and Stay purely because they’re just genius really.

Various Artists: Awesome Mix Volume One
Now, this may be the best soundtrack to a movie, ever. When I first saw the film advertised, I wasn’t too sure on it; it seemed really silly. But I took my sister anyway to give it a try and I loved it, especially the music. So I got home and downloaded the album. Since then, I play it all the time! I really love how they used 80’s music for such a modern film. I think my favourites would have to be: Hooked On A Feeling and Escape. I’m so excited for the second film to come out just for the soundtrack!

Paramore: Paramore
Not a lot of Paramore’s fans were too keen on this album as it was so different from previous ones. But I think reinventing their sound and their look really did them favours. I got really into it and I think it might be my favourite album of theirs full stop. I love them that much I got a flipping tattoo of their logo on my arm! But this album really gave me and a lot of other fans a new impression of what they were all about. Especially listening to it after a hard break up really helped me. My faves on the album are: Part 2 and (One of Those) Crazy Girls. I just love them so much and if they continue with this sound and attitude, they’re going to keep making great music.

Fall Out Boy: Save Rock & Roll
Again, this is another breakout album I loved! After a long hiatus, FOB finally brought out this beauty and not a lot of fans liked their new sound. But me, I loved it! It felt more up to date and less like they were trying to copy what everyone else did. It felt like this was the album that FOB really found themselves and showed to the world just what they could really do with their instruments. Personal favourites must be: Just One Yesterday and Save Rock & Roll.

Arctic Monkeys: AM
I’m not usually into Arctic Monkeys stuff but this album grabbed me and shook me and told me what an idiot I was. Sounds odd but this album just makes me want to dance around in a t shirt and sing my heart out. I just love how passionate they sound and imagining seeing this album live, is almost unfair. It’s an arena album which would get the whole crowd on their feet and singing along. Each song is it’s own anthem. Knee Socks and I Wanna Be Yours are my absolute favourites!

Jay-Z and Linkin Park: Collision Course
This album brings in two genres that I really enjoy, rap and rock and their couldn’t be a finer example of that! Loving Linkin Park since I was a 13 year old emo kid at school obviously helped but listening to the way them and Jay-Z redid things really amazed me. I don’t think they overdid it either, six songs feels about the right number for a remix album. I think my favourites would have to be: Numb/Encore and Points Of Authority/99 Problems/One Step Closer.

You Me At Six: Sinners Never Sleep
YMAS are again one of my favourite bands ever and this album is definitely their best work. It really defined them as rock band and not some young teens who were trying to make it big. This album gave them that grown up look and sound and I just adored it. Teaming up with Bring Me The Horizon’s, Oli Sykes, really pushed the limits of what this band could do and it really paid off. Also seeing this band live four times and seeing the majority of this album live really pushed me to making this decision. My favourites on this album would have to be: Little Death and Crash. Their lyrics just melt my heart sometimes! That and Josh’s beautiful voice!

So there you have it, all of my favourites! Why don’t you give some of them a listen?