Top 7 Apps For Student Shopping.

Over the past 18 months of being a student, I’ve discovered some pretty incredible things.

Some things being apps.boohoo-logo-blog

So I’ve compiled a list of my top 7 shopping apps for students!

7) Boohoo
Offering student discount all year round, it’s the perfect app to make a quick, swift, purchase. Looking very similar to the website, the Boohoo app is very user friendly and is constantly updated with their latest products, offers and styles. Definitely one of the best to download!

6) Asosasos-logo
Asos is hands down one of the best shopping outlets there is available and not only to students. But having an app makes life so much easier! Also offerring student discount and free delivery sometimes, you can’t go wrong!

5) Etsy
This app is definitely one to download if you’re into handmetsy-logo-xsokxgade and vintage products. They sell products ranging from teacups to quiltcovers to birthday cards. The app is so easy to use but just beware of the delivery charges at the end of the process, some of them are pretty hefty!

4) Amazon

Obviously Amazon is one of the beamazon-logo-black-squarest shopping websites in the world, but the fact it has an app makes things so much easier. It’s so smooth and easy and the amount of products it provides, it’s enough to make the app one of the most popular.

3) Ebaylogo
Ebay is perhaps the best system ever invented. The biggest online market on the globe. Selling absolutely everything you can think of, the app is so clear and quick, you can make a purchase in under a minute. Especially with it’s link with Paypal, the ease is incredible.

2) Polyvore
Not only can you put your own outfits together, but you can actually buy them! Linking clothes from all sorts of outlets in one huge market polyvore-logois just one of the things it does. It holds furniture, make-up, hair products and all things fashion and shows where you can get it the cheapest. One of my favourite apps, hands down.

1) UniDays
Now this app is an absolute lifesaver. UniDays is an app only for students where you enter your student ID, get it verified and voila, an endless list of places you can get student discount around the country! I think my personal favourites unidayshave to be the New Look discounts and the Boohoo discounts. One of my personal favourites.

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