Places of Paradise!

After talking about booking a family holiday for a wedding next year, it really got me thinking about travelling.
I’ve always had the ambition to travel the world and just take photos and breathe different cultures.

So I decided to make a list of the Top Five!

1) Italy.


I think Italy has always been my number one priority.

The food, the culture, the sights… It’s just my dream come true really. As I’m a huge romantic, I’d love to take my boyfriend there too because I really think it seems like a couples place. One place that looks absolutely stunning in Italy is Verona. The close-knit streets are bursting with culture and I’d die to experience it!


2) Egypt.


Aside from all the historic importance of Egypt, the beaches look beautiful!

I’ve  been interested in travelling to Egypt since school really. The history behind it is phenomenal and the thought of seeing hieroglyphics gives me chills. It’s always seemed rather mysterious to me.


3) American Road Trip.


See I can never decide which certain states I’d like to visit in the U.S.

I’ve made a decision that one day I’m going to take a year out of what I’m doing and go to each different state in America; just for a few days. I wanna do this to experience the culture, foods and lifestyles because, let’s face it, every state’s different. I think the states I’m looking forward to the most are Texas, Florida, California, New York and Chicago.


4) Japan.


Japan’s a tricky one because I never seemed too interested but my boyfriend convinced me otherwise.

I always thought that I’d hate the manic hustle of Tokyo but after watching films and looking online, it seems very interesting. I’d love to try the foods, advanced technology and try out their different lifestyles. One thing that does scare me is the crime and laws there but I guess that’s just part of the fun!


5) Santorini, Greece.


Although I’ve already been to Greece and am soon to be going again, Santorini has always caught my eye.

Having been to the Greek island Rhodes, I already have a taste of Greek culture and there’s nothing like it. Everyone’s so laid back and I love that lifestyle, They all seem so happy and joyous, although that maybe due to all the Ouzo! But Santorini looks breathtaking and it’ll always be on my mind until I go there. The deep blue seas, the bright white buildings and the passionate sunsets may just be enough to make me never want to leave!


So there you have it, my Top Five.

I just hope one day I can travel the world and create memories…

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