You Me At Six.

3/4/14 – Nottingham Capital FM Arena


One word to describe You Me At Six’s performance was electric.

Standing in the masses of people waiting for the first act, Young Kato, to come on was tiring.
After a long day at uni, I was absolutely shattered but I knew I’d perk up during the gig.

So Young Kato came on and played a few songs  including Drink Dance Play, my personal favourite.
At first I was little unsure of them after hearing about them from one of my friends. But after the first song, they really picked up the pace of the crowd. Their indie sound was full of twists and hooks you wouldn’t expect. I really enjoyed listening to them and seeing the energy they had.

After five songs, the crowd were pumped up and ready for Don Broco.

Now I’d heard of these before but I wasn’t majorly keen. But boy was I mistaken. They were incredible; getting the crowd jumping and chanting back to them. Not a great deal of the crowd knew who they were at first, what they really were about. But after 7 songs, they really gave themselves definition and proved to be a heck of a band.

After about half an hour of waiting, You Me At Six finally came on. The suspense as the lights went down was so intense.
They ran on stage and the crowd went mental! Kicking things off with Too Young To Feel This Old from their latest album Cavalier Youth  got the crowd clapping and chanting back them. Mixing up songs from all their albums for their set really pleased the crowd.
Bite My Tongue really caused a riot in the arena with mosh-pits and fists flying in the air. Their new single, Room To Breathe, also went on the same note, filled with angst and anger shown by both the crowd and the band. By far the best song was the last they played; Lived A Lie. This one’s everyone’s favourite. Chanting, clapping and even a tear or two were shed during the finale. With confetti flying everywhere, it was time to leave and I was well and truly sweaty.

Overall, it’s one of my favourite performances by You Me At Six. Having seen them twice before, they really delivered tonight as the headline act. I’m also looking into seeing them at Leeds Festival in August too!


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