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My July Favourites

So it’s FINALLY August which is one of the best months of the year for me because… IT’S MY BIRTHDAY MONTH. And it’s usually the end of summer which I just love; the leaves are starting to crisp, the nights are getting shorter and there’s more of a breeze in the air With another month […]

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My June Favourites

Can you believe we’re only a few months away from Winter and IT’S NEARLY CHRISTMAS?! Ok we’re nowhere near but the second half of the year is my favourite. It’s usually a busy few months for me with my birthday in August and then that’s when the birthdays, Halloween, Bonfire Night, Kane’s Birthday, our Anniversary […]

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My Monthly May Favourites

So here we are again, another month has past and another load of favourites to chatter about. May was a pretty busy month for me with events, working and spending time with friends and family but I managed to get in some chill time too which was definitely well deserved. This month I’ve been using […]

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